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Bachelor's project
The rules and procedures for the Bachelor's project Contact information on your supervisor.
Confidence   Confidence of Bachelor-projects - Danish

Confidence of Bachelor-projects - German

Confidencde of Bachelor-projects - English
Examination exam monitor word processor.docx

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Change of address

Guest students: Registration form

Grade Conversion Table - instructive German version

Preparation of Frontpages

During your course of study

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Studying abroad About studying abroad Apply for an exchange program or scholarships
Project oriented course (internship/work placement) About project oriented course (internship/work placement)
Agreement between student and company and supervisor agreement
Masters Program
About admission to a Master's program Apply for admission to a Master's program
Master's before completion of BA About beginning the Master's before completion of the BA Apply to begin the Master's before completion of the BA (check the box 'Humanities' at the bottom of this page)
Examination appeals Guideline for Examination Appeals
Examination Rules and Regulations
Form for Examination Appeals
Guidance on examination appeals

In/Out of the University

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Leave of absence
About leave of absence Apply for leave of absence
About readmission Apply for readmission
About withdrawal Withdrawal