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Elective courses


The process model in your curriculum will indicate when they occur.

Electives on your programme

A wide range of electives will be available to you through your programme.

Courses under another programme or at another university

You may apply for pre-approval to take an elective under another programme at SDU or at another university. However, you may only do so if the courses in question are relevant to your programme and are offered at the time for electives indicated by your programme's process model.

Some courses under other programmes may already have been pre-approved by your Study Board as electives available to you. In that case, you'll find the courses in the syllabus.  

Do I have the opportunity to change electives?

You have the opportunity to change electives in a fixed period of time after introduction days. You can read more about the specifics here. If you want change electives, please contact Registration & Legality via SPOC. Please note, that this is not the case for summer school courses.

Where can I find the course descriptions?

They are situated amongst your other course descriptions

Find them here

Last Updated 17.09.2019