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SDUs expectations of you

You must orient yourself in the examination rules and the related rules in the individual subjects. The university assumes that your work as a student are independent and that you have familiarized yourself with the rules of good academic practice.  

You must in general acquaint yourself with the traditions and scientific ethics within your field of study, as these may vary from subject area to subject area - this also applies if the education consists of a combination of several different subject areas.

The university has four general principles when dealing with examination irregularities:

  • Examination irregularities are always dealt with in accordance with the rules on disciplinary measures against students at the University of Southern Denmark.
  • Examination irregularities does not have any legal limitations, i.e. a committed examination irregularity cannot expire over time  
  • If an examination irregularity is discovered after the examination has been held, the examination will cease to be valid
  • An individual who helps another so that that person violates the above-mentioned rules may also be sanctioned.

Remember that an unintentional violation of the rules is treated in the same way as a deliberate violation. It is not an excuse that you do not know or may have misunderstood the rules.

Last Updated 13.01.2019