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Graphic Center is now fully open for production.
The finished print jobs can be picked up at our entrance,

or we can deliver with internal delivery.

You can find Graphic Center here.


Graphic design can be ordered by mail to,
you'll be contacted by one of our graphic designers.

We are open weekdays from 08 to 15.30.



You order printed matter at our webshop. Please note that we are an in-house printing office so we only print to staff and students at SDU, but we do not print private tasks.

When ordering printed matter at Grafisk Center, your material must contain information on where it was printed. (E.g. Printed by: Grafisk Center, SDU).

Payment options in the webshop are different 

for students and employees:

  • Students can only pay with debit cards and MobilePay.
  • Staff can only pay with an SDU-account.

You can not order at the webshop if:

  • your order is paid by external means (eg, an OL account). Instead you send an email to Grafisk Center with your order and a completed order form.
  • you are an employee and payment for the job is not covered by the SDU account. Instead you have the option to pay by MobilePay. Send an email to Grafisk Center with your order.

Paying with MobilePay:

  • the amount is transferred to MobilePay no. 736165

It is not possible to pay by cash or debit card at Grafisk Center
- all payment is made online.

An SDU account is used for internal payment on SDU.

An SDU account consists of a cost center,
a sub-account and an analysis number.

If paid with a project number, cost center, sub-account
and analysis number must also be disclosed.

An SDU account can be obtained from the Faculty
or Department's financial staff.


We recommend Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. The webshop does nok work in Microsoft Edge.

Personal Settings

The first time you log in to the webshop, we recommend that you 
go to "My Profile", here you can change language from Danish to English. 
Under "address information" you add the name of the department / faculty 
you belong to, so the postman can find you.

Press "save" when you have entered the information, and the system will remember it.

In need of graphic assistance? Our graphic designer
is ready to assist you with helping bring your ideas to life.

Contact us to schedule an appointment
for a free design consultation.

Assistance with graphics costs DKK 400 per hour.


From January 1, 2019 SDU's Design Guide was changed to include book covers for PhD theses. This means that all PhD theses will be printed with an SDU book cover. The book cover layout follows clearly defined design guidelines. The PhD student is free to choose the layout of the pages following the book cover.

At Grafisk Center we are aware of the problems some of you have with using the available templates for a book cover. To ensure the quality of the graphic setup and a high print quality, Grafisk Center will make the book cover for you when you order your thesis.

As something new, there will be a starting fee of DKK 75. The amount covers graphic setup of book covers and proofs. Please note that it is only possible to get a Proof of your thesis if the order is placed 10 business days before delivery.

Here are examples of the book covers in the colours and designs that
are possible. When ordering a book cover, send an email with
following information:

  •  Front and back text
    (the address may be changed to your campus city)
  • Number of pages in the thesis
  • What colour you want on the book cover
  • ISBN number and additional logos if needed
  • What format you want the cover in (A4 or 17x24)

We further recommend that you read these 3 points:

  • Ordering and payment
  • Tips for print files
  • Binding

As of  1/9-2017, it is no longer free to print your dissertation at Print & Sign. We are still happy to print your thesis, now you just order online in our webshop. You can see the price of your thesis when you upload your file.

If you wish to print your thesis yourself, we can bind it for you, with a neat looking thermal tape binding. It cannot be done while you wait although a same day service is possible. You also order binding in our webshop.

Under  the item "Binding" you can see different options for binding.

We also recommend that you read the item
"Preparing Your Files for Printing".


There are three options for bindings:

Thermal tape binding

Thermal binding is a system that does not require holes to be punched in the document to be bound. The document is placed in a channel where a cloth spine is inserted onto a hot plate so the paper edge is bound in with the thermally activated glue already on the cloth spine, giving a professional neat looking spine. Bound with a black cardboard back and a transparent front cover. This is only available in A4 portrait.

When choosing thermal tape binding, please note:

  • If you want double-sided print you must centre your page numbers.
  • If you want single-sided print you can either centre your page numbers or put them on the right.
  • you do not need to create a cover, but you do need to make a front page with the SDU logo. Your material must also contain information on where the material was printed, e.g. Printed by: Grafisk Center, SDU. You should put this on page 2 or the last page.

Our delivery time is three business days.

Perfect Binding

The perfect binding style resembles a paperback book. Perfect binding is a method used to bind many paper products such as magazines, manuals and proposals. You can choose a matte lamination. This means that a thin film is applied with heat to your book cover. This prevent problems with smudges.

When choosing perfect binding, please note:

  • it is necessary to create a book cover
  • we always print it double-sided, so your page numbers must be centered or alternately in the right and left sides.
    SDU’s logo must be on the cover, but you can decide if you would like the logo on the front - or on the back cover. The cover must also contain information on where the material is printed, e.g. Printed by: Grafisk Center, SDU. You can put the text on the back of the cover with a very small font.
Our delivery time is ten business days.

Please note, that when ordering less than 12 books 
there is a startup fee of 500 DKK.

Wire binding (unfortunately we don't offer this option for students)

The material is assembled with a metal coil in black or white, a black cardboard back and a transparent front cover (unless you have made a colored backside).

When choosing wire binding, please note:

  • If you want double-sided print you must centre your page numbers.
  • If you want single-sided print you can either centre your page numbers or put them on the right.
  • you do not need to create a cover, but you do need to make a front page with the SDU logo. Your material must also contain information on where the material was printed, e.g. Printed by: Grafisk Center, SDU. You should put this on page 2 or the last page.

Our delivery time is five business days.

Compendia are ordered via the webshop.

Printed matter that represents SDU, must follow the design guide.

Here you can see examples of printed matter and download templates. All templates are made in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop.

You can find templates for Word and Powerpoint in Templafy . Templafy is an addon in Word and Powerpoint or you can acces it online at , use your SDU-login.
Here you'll find templates for posters, powerpoints, reports and letters.

Link for Scientific posters in various sizes.
Link for Report template

If you want to design your own banner we recommend that you use our guide.

IMPORTANT! Rules for use of roll-ups on Campus Odense

SDU has received an order to restrict, and in some cases completely eliminate roll-ups in the halls on Campus Odense. This is for reasons of fire safety. For individual events, such as fairs and conferences in approved premises you can order and set up roll-ups. These roll-ups should be set up on the day of the arrangement and must be taken down within 24 hours after the event is over.

Grafisk Center has two different models of beach flags,
They are available in four different sizes.

Here you can download the templates:


Be aware that the delivery time is 10 business days.

Here you can download the SDU logo.

For a good result, we recommend the following:
  • That you do not use text that goes to edge (some of your text can disappear when the printed matter is trimmed).
  • That your margin is 1,5 - 2 cm. on all 4 sides of the document.
  • Page numbers can be placed at the center of the pagebottom, or you can choose to place them at the corners of the pages.
    If you choose to place the pagenumbers in the corners, you have to remember to place them alternately left/right on the even/odd pagenumbers. 

This, however, does not apply to book covers. A book cover has to be made in the right dimensions with crop marks and bleed.

File format

We only print PDF files, so be sure to convert your file to PDF before sending to print. 

Your file must not be larger than 10 MB if you send it by mail - our mail system can not receive such large files. We therefore recommend that you send it via filesender. In our webshop you can upload large files without any problems.

Resolution for print

By using the correct PPI, you avoid your print matter becoming pixelated and blurred. Files for printing should always be minimum 150 PPI.

It is your sole responsibility that materials submitted for Grafisk Center comply with the copyright law. If in doubt whether materials submitted may be used go to

If you have any questions regarding copyright,
please contact Legal Office.

At the library of University of Southern Denmark 
you can get an ISBN number.

Send an email  with following information: 
Author, title, subtitle, release date and publisher.

Please note that an ISBN number is not a requirement for PhD. theses

Safety signs are ordered in our webshop.

The safety symbols are available with Danish or English text. Signs with 1-6 safety symbols are delivered in size A3. If you have more than 6 symbols the sign is delivered in size A2. If you do not have a frame in size A3 or A2, you can write in the comment box in the webshop, that you would like to receive the sign in a frame.

If you can not find the safety symbol that you need, please contact Grafisk Center.

Stickers with safety symbols and all other types of signs are ordered by e-mail.

We deliver to addresses that work with SDU.
We do not deliver to home addresses.

Delivery times for various printed matter can be seen in the webshop.



Grafisk Center, Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M.
You can find us here.

Phone: 65 50 28 84

Opening hours:
Monday–Thursday 08.00-15.30, Friday 08.00-15.00

Grafisk Center is closed on weekends and National Holidays
as well as the Constitution Day, Ascension Day , the day
after Ascension Day and  between Christmas and New Year.

Graphic Center webshop

Here you can see our products and order your printed matter.

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