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House Rules for SDU

Can I hang up posters ?
You can stick posters and other notifications on the fixed notice boards – NEVER on glass walls, doors or bare walls. Be aware of that some of the notice boards are earmarked for the departments, the administration, associations and similar agencies. Random notices will be removed.

Who will be cleaning up after me ?
Of course you clean up your own mess. Used tableware has to be put on the clearing stations and garbage has to be put into the rubbish bins.

Can I have a promotion stand at Campus ?
The University is a workplace for both students and staff and has to be a place where you are not constantly presented for various products and services. Student related topics such as unions, organizations and company presentations are allowed only at promotion stands at the start of the academic year and at Career Days. The only exceptions are (to a small extent) non-profit and humanitarian organizations.

Traffic Lanes
A directive from The Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) says that the University has to mark up the lanes for electric vehicles – please be aware when you cross the white lines.

Smoking Policy
Read more about the University smoking policy by clicking here.

Last Updated 21.07.2021