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Find out where you're strongest

Find your personal strengths

Job postings are overflowing with words like "robust," "persistent," "good at collaborating," "sense for detail," "outgoing," "independent," and "creative." How does all these words match you?


Take a test to find your strengths

There are a lot of tests out there that can help you find your strengths. We recommend a test based on the VIA classification of strengths.

It assumes that there are 24 strengths that we all possess, but to various degrees. It focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses. The result of the test is a ranked overview of the 24 strengths. The top 5 strengths are those you use naturally, without really thinking about it. You possess all the other strengths as well, but you do not use them as often or with the same ease.

The purpose of the test is not to tell you what you’re bad at or that you should work on your bottom strengths. The purpose is to help you see when you’re strongest – and then have you use your top strengths more.

When you know your top strengths, you can use them on tasks that you might find difficult. They are like buttons we can press to trigger thoughts, feelings and actions that strengthen us, give us energy, and make us believe in ourselves.

Take the test now.

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