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Need a specific course description? Find it through the study progression model in § 3.2 in the curriculum. 

Your curriculum tells you how your education programme will progress.
The curriculum is the formal description of your education programme. It will indicate how the education programme is organised, which subjects and exams you will take and what you will learn in the process. The curriculum is adjusted on an ongoing basis, and when you are accepted into the education programme, you must follow the newest version of the curriculum.

You will find the most basic information from your curriculum here on the web-pages of your chosen subject e.g. the organisation of the education programme and subjects and exams.

You must always follow the newest versions of subjects
If there are changes to a subject/course (e.g. examination regulations), you must follow the newest version of the course and not the one in your curriculum. Stay updated on the regulations pertaining to your subject in the course description.