Active Enrollment Requirements and Maximum Period of Study

Active Enrollment Requirements refer to how many ECTS points you must have passed in order to stay enrolled. Maximum period of study (deadlines/time frames) refers to how much time you have to complete your degree programme

Active Enrollment Requirements: 45 ECTS in an academic year

You must pass exams weighting a minimum of 45 ECTS in an academic year. If you don’t comply with that rule, the university will contact you the following year with a warning that you must pass a minimum of 45 ECTs in the following academic year.

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Maximum Period of Study

There is a limit to how long you may take to complete your studies. This means that if you were enrolled on September 1st 2015 you may spend an additional 6 months after the maximum period of study, to complete your programme.

If you were admitted before September 1st 2015, special deadlines apply.

If things do not go according to plan

If exceptional circumstances have been the reason for your not having been able to meet the demands of the Active Enrollment Requirements or the maximum period of study, you may apply for dispensation (exemption) from the rule/rules.

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Who may help?

If you have been delayed during your course of study, and therefore cannot comply with the rules of the Active Enrollment Requirements or the Maximum period of study, you are welcome to contact the Student Guidance Service.