Unfortunately, the international situation on professional diving is very complicated, especially with regard to SCUBA diving at work. In spite of many years of European cooperation, the regulations and standards relating to this field are still surprisingly national. This means that we can not guarantee you a qualification that is valid for every country in the world, or even within Europe.

However, we will provide a programme conforming to the standard of the European Scientific Diver, as defined by the European Scientific Diving Commitee. For this you will need to get a recreational qualification equivalent to a CMAS**. You can get this qualification at a local diving club in Esbjerg. After this basic training, we will arrange extra diving training in both theory and practice, so that you will be a qualified European Scientific Diver at the end of the two-year period in Esbjerg.

Moreover you will qualify for the Danish SCUBA standard, as administered by the Danish Maritime Authority ("Søfartsstyrelsen"). Presently, this SCUBA qualification is the only accepted qualification for professional scientific divers in Denmark.

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Diving is not a formal part of the course, and you will have to pay for your own diving gear and training.