Top 10 practical Q & A’s on Examinations


1. Where and when does the exam take place?

See the examination schedule. Detailed information about the individual exams will be available on BlackBoard one to two weeks before the exam.

Changes may occur, so stay up to date through your programme's examination plan - and BlackBoard.

2. What do I need to bring to the examinations?

Remember to bring your Student ID to the exam. Furthermore, you may have to bring aids such as your PC, a handheld scanner etc. If that is the case, it will appear from the Course pages in Blackboard before the exam.

If you have been granted an exemption (e.g. an extension of the exam) make sure to bring it with you to the exam.

3. Have I been registered for the exams?

Check your examination registrations through the Student Self-Service.  If you have been registered for a course, you are automatically registered for the exam.

If you have done the course before but have not passed the exam, you need only register for the exam.

You may only enter the examination room if you are on the final examination lists. Therefore, you must make sure that you are on the examination lists. Please contact Student Services - Registration & Legality via SPOC as soon as possible if you have any doubts.

4. How do I prepare for the exams?

Check Tips and Tricks on how to prepare for your exams.

5. I have fallen ill and cannot attend the examination

Learn more on what to do if you fall ill before or during exams.

6. I know ahead of the examination that I will be unable to attend
7. Where can I read about the examination regulations for written digital exams, and e.g. requirements to my IT equipment?
8. What happens if I do not pass?

If you do not pass the ordinary exam, you need to do a re-exam. You alone have the responsibility to register for the re-exam, i.e. you decide when you want to do the re-exam (e.g. the next time the ordinary exam is available).

If you need to make use of the third examination attempt, it is also your responsibility to register for it. Just as with the second examination attempt, you decide when you want to make use of the third examination attempt.

If the course is being phased, you must sign up for re-examination the next time it is offered. If you fail to register for the exam, you’ll automatically be signed up for it.

Read more about examination regulations

9. When and how will I be informed about my examination results?

Grades for written exams and assignments/papers must be published within four weeks from the examination date. The assessments of both Bachelor Projects and Master Thesis projects must be finalized no later than two months after the submission deadline. The month of July is not included, neither in the four weeks nor in the two months.  

You will find your results in the Student Self-Service, where you can also make a transcript of your results.

10. How do I make an appeal about an examination?

Under Examination rules and regulations you can read about things to consider before making an appeal. Here you also find the guidelines for appeals.