Third Semester

In the Master of Science of Public Health programme, you can choose between different options in the third semester:

  • Electives within the Public Health programme
  • Project oriented work (internship) – max. 15 ECTS
  • Electives in other programmes at SDU or other Danish universities
  • Study abroad

Electives within the Public Health programme

A number of electives are offered within the programme. In order to obtain 30 ECTS, you must choose 4 courses. You may choose freely between the courses, independently of your specialization.

Link to course descriptions.

Project oriented work (internship)

An internship cannot comprise more than 15 ECTS and must thus be combined with electives. See the guidelines for project oriented work here.

Electives in other programmes at SDU or other Danish Universities

If you wish to take electives at other universities (i.e. the University of Copenhagen) or other programmes at SDU, it is up to you to find the courses and enroll. When you apply for enrollment at another university, you must attach a letter of pre-approval of the specific courses that you are interested in from the Academic Study Board of Public Health. If you want to take a course at SDU find out more here.

When you apply for pre-approval, use the application form and include course descriptions. Meeting schedule for the Study Board as well as a list of examples of pre-approved courses can be found here.

The electives must be relevant for the programme and must not overlap with the content of courses the students has already taken in the programme (compulsory courses and specialisation courses).

When the Study Board gives pre-approval Registration and Legality will register the ECTS that are pre-approved and you will not need to register for teaching at SDU's student self-service.

Study abroad

Study abroad is arranged through SDU International. The courses that you wish to take abroad must be pre-approved as described above.

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