Course descriptions

Bridging Course

Bridging course (pdf)

1st semester

Public Health in the 21st Century; Challenges and Perspectives (.pdf)
Public Health Policy and Administration (.pdf)
Applied Biostatistics (.pdf)
Public Health Ethics (.pdf)
Health Measurement Scales (.pdf)

2nd semester

Evaluation (.pdf) 
Advanced Epidemiology (.pdf)

Specialisation: Health Promotion
Health Promotion Planning (.pdf)
Health Communication (.pdf)

Specialisation: Health Economics and Management
Change and Knowledge Management (.pdf)
The Economics of Prevention in Health (.pdf)

Specialisation: Global Health
The State of Global Health (.pdf)
Harmonisation, Sovereignty, Diversity and Global Health (.pdf)

Specialisation: Risk Research (offered from Spring 2015)
Risk Theory, Assessment and Governance (.pdf)
Health and Safety Risk Management (.pdf) 

3rd semester (Autumn)

Specialisation: Health Promotion
Empowerment and Social Policy (.pdf)
Worksite Health Promotion (.pdf)

Specialisation: Health Economics and Management
Health Policy (.pdf)
Health Technology Assessment (.pdf) (not offered Autumn 2017)

Specialisation: Global Health
Public Health Research on Global Scale (.pdf)

Specialisation: Risk Research:
Risk Communication (.pdf) 

Special electives:
Cardiac Rehabilitation - a model of academic presentation (.pdf)
Project Management (offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences)
Methodology of the Social Sciences and Qualitative Methods (offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences)

Individual study activity (.pdf)

4th Semester (Spring)

Master's Thesis (.pdf)
Master's Thesis (.pdf) valid from Autumn 2016




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