Application forms

Application forms

 On this page you will find links to the application forms you must fill out if you need to apply for a Academic Study Board for exemption, credit, special exam conditions, etc.


Read below before completing your application form at

Applications that are not submitted via the application link will not be processed. Your application and all relevant attachments (criteria for attachments are described in the individual forms) must be sent in one single pdf-file and received by the Academic Study Board no later than 14 days before the next Academic Study Board meeting. The Academic Study Board will confirm receipt of your application.


The decision
The decision on your application will be sent to your SDU email address no later than 14 days after the Academic Study Board meeting.

If your application concerns exemptions based on illness or injury, you must provide documentation containing the following information:

  1. A diagnosis, if possible
  2. A brief description of any treatment
  3. Information regarding the time-related correlation between your illness or injury, and the specific exemption that you are seeking. It is important that your doctor documents that a consultation has taken place on a date prior to the issuance of the medical certificate.
  4. A description of how the illness or injury has affected / affects your ability to study in the semesters relevant to your exemption application.
  5. Please note that the processing time of applications for credit can be up to one month.


The International Account at the Faculty of Health Sciences

Students may apply for support from the international account in connection with studies abroad.

Please find further information on the following link:

Application deadlines: 1st April and 1st October



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