Exam schedules - June 2018:

2nd semester (.pdf) - updated on 13.02.2018

Exam schedules - April 2018:

2nd semester (.pdf) - updated on 18.01.2018

Exam schedules - January 2018:

1st semester (.pdf) - updated on 03.11.2017
3rd semester (.pdf) - updated on 03.11.2017

Reexam schedule for January 2018:

Reexam (.pdf) - updated on 23.11.2018
(Registration for the reexam must be done through Student Self-Service between 15th - 30th December 2017)

Regulations on ordinary exams and re-exams:

Ordinary exams / re-exams will be held according to the below structure:
- Ordinary exams in November -> re-exams will take place in January
- Ordinary exams in January -> re-exams will take place in June
- Ordinary exams in April -> re-exams will take place in June
- Ordinary exams in June -> re-exams will take place in August

You can find further information on re-examinations in your curriculum.

Written examinations:

All written exams must be carried out in your own computer's word processing programme with Exam Monitor activated.

You must keep yourself updated with regulations and practical issues in connection with digital exams at any time.

 Please find further information on Exam Monitor in the below student handbook:

Håndbog til studerende (link - Danish version)
Students' handbook (link English version)

The university's generel information on written examinations can be found here:

The University of Southern Denmark's code of practice on written examinations (link)

Written assignments (individual/group papers):

Submission of written assignments
All written assignments such as reports, project papers etc. must be submitted electronically in pdf-format on Black Board.
All pages of your paper must be provided with page numbers, your full name, your date of birth (ddmmyy) and course name.

Front page of exam papers
Please find an example of a front page here.

Submission of group papers
Please submit one paper per group. You must write all names and dates of births in the header of each page.

Identification of group papers
A group exam paper is evaluated on the basis of the contribution of each individual student. In order to identify the individual contribution, a page specifying which part of the exam paper the student is responsible for, must be included in the paper directly after the front page. This shall secure that the evaluation is done individually.

However, introduction, discussion and conclusion may be written jointly.

Deadlines of written assignments
Written assignments must be submitted within the deadlines. If you have trouble uploading your paper, you must contact the Study Secretariat immediately and before the deadline.

Examination language
Guidelines (.pdf) regarding the choice of examination language

Oral examinations:

Time schedules:
Time schedules in connection with oral exams will be announced on Blackboard.

Use of computers at oral exams with preparation:
Regulations (.pdf)

Examination results

The results of your exam papers will be announced on Student Self-Service not later than 4 weeks after the exam date. (the month of July is not included).

Contact details

If you require any further information on examinations, please contact Linda Fritze Madsen at the Study Secretariat,

Are you ill and have an exam coming?

Follow up on the SDU regulations on what to do.

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