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Dansk Magisterforening and Magistrenes A-kasse

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Dansk Magisterforening and Magistrenes A-kasse

Are you a student in humanities, sciences, social sciences, health sciences, IT, communication, psychology, or pedagogy? Then DM and MA are a union and unemployment fund for you. 

As a member, you can attend lots of great events and courses, we provide counseling in relation to your study and student job, and help you make considerable headway in your work life. In addition, you receive a large number of discounts and membership benefits, such as an attractive student insurance at Lærestandens Brandforsikring

A student membership in Dansk Magisterforening is free the first year, after this, the price is DKR 20 each month. The membership of MA is free as long as you’re a student and under 30 years of age.  

DM and MA work closely with the difference campuses, and we recommend membership of both the union and the unemployment fund for you to be in the strongest position possible. 

Attractive student insurance at Lærerstandens Brandforsikring
With a student insurance at Lærerstandens Brandforsikring, we cover what you can’t live without and all the things you don’t worry about, but which we do on your behalf. 
And your insurance comes with extra benefits: a deductible franchise of DKR 0 in the case of bicycle theft and an extra full year’s student discount when you graduate.

Free events and courses

As a member, you get free access to all of DM and MA’s events and courses. Maybe you want to develop your InDesign skills or hear about getting a foothold in the industry you dream of working in?

See our events here.

At SDU you can meet DM and MA’s student consultants Mathilde, Martin, and Daniel, who are students themselves. They can help you with your student membership and answers general questions about the union and unemployment fund.   

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