Career guidance

Group sessions

As a part of our new activities, Career Guidance now offers group sessions.  

 We decide the theme for the day, but always take our starting point in you and your problem. 

The group sessions takes 90 min.

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In a busy day, the webinar form is a great opportunity to learn more about a theme. In our webinars, you receive a lot of information and tools to use in your further work. The individual webinar has a theme, so you can follow a single webinar or combine it with our other activities and further develop what you have learned on the webinar. You can only receive material or other items from the webinars if you have participated in them. 

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Career Conversation

In a career conversation, you and your career advisor talk about the subjects that preoccupy you. Here we work on:

  • Clarifying which issues are important to you
  • Getting an overview of what will help you
  • Giving you the guidance and information you need

If you would like to prepare for the conversation, then look around the website and find the things that deal with your challenge. There are some good texts and various exercises that can stimulate your thoughts before you arrive. Once you have booked a career conversation, you can see here where you can meet us.

The career conversation takes 20 min.

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