The programme

Content of the programme 

Programme participants will work in cross-disciplinary teams on the development of business ideas. The focus on entrepreneurship allows you to bring your skills and knowledge to a place where you can create real value with it. Each team will receive mentoring from internal and external experts throughout the entire programme

Introduction to the programme

  • Introduction weekend
  • Working on idea generation, idea evaluation, and team formation inspired by presentations and company visits
  • 6-8 interdisciplinary teams will be formed around selected ideas
  • Teams will pitch ideas for each other

Autumn 2019

Workshops (evenings and weekends)

  • Prototyping
  • Proof of concept
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Networking
  • Problem- and product testing
  • Intro to the business model and hypotheses
  • Product requirements and approvals

Related tasks

  • Working with product development
  • Using the workshop and design facilities
  •  Outlining a business model and hypotheses


  • Midterm Pitch Day

Spring 2020

  • Extra pitch training for Venture Cup finalists
  • Venture Cup Final

Workshops (evenings and weekends)

  • Tech challenges
  • Proof of business
  • Funding
  • Networking
  • Entrepreneurship and business model development

Related tasks

  • Working with product development
  • Validate a business model.
  • Apply for funding
  •  Hand in business plans for Venture Cup's Startup Competition
  • Venture Cup Finals
  • Final presentation for assessment panel
  • Celebration and diplomas