Students from The Faculty of Science

As a Natural Science student, you are particularly skilled in analyzing data sets and finding meaning behind them.

Additionally, the ways you develop processes is oftentimes different from the other faculties.  

During the SDU Talent Programme in Entrepreneurship, teams will be formed with members from different faculties.

Work with people who are different

You will end up working closely together with students who, on a daily basis, read different literature, deal with different challenges, and use different methods.

Because of this, the teams in the Talent Programme will be able to deal with a wider variety of challenges, and the solutions are commonly more innovative. 

A programme with value for you

The focus on entrepreneurship allows you to bring your skills and knowledge to a place where you can create real value with it.

The focus on drones and robotics allows you to use your skills and knowledge in a field that will be increasingly important and valuable in many sectors.

The SDU Talent Programme in Entrepreneurship is for YOU! Apply today!

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