Internship provides perspectives

An internship is a unique opportunity to get out of the familiar setting of academia and to have a go at business life before finishing University.

This was also Anja Holmvard’s experience.

- “All students should do an internship. It is incredibly rewarding academically but also, and especially, personally,” says the former intern.

Project coordinator for a major exhibition

Anja Holmvard was the project coordinator for a major exhibition about the children's writer, Ole Lund Kirkegaard. This was at last an opportunity to try out all the knowledge, she has accumulated during her studies.

- “University is very theoretical. I love the more hands on aspect of the real world,” says Anja Holmvard, continuing:

- “It was a fantastic experience, which I would not have been without.”

She stresses that the internship was an important process to find out what she is capable of, and what use she can put her studies to.

An intern with drive and a breath of fresh air

It is not only the student who benefits from an internship.

Axel Johnson, curator at Koldinghus, greatly appreciates his interns.

- “They are brilliant at seeing things in a new perspective,” he says, continuing:

- “Sometimes you end up applying the same old solutions to every single project. But if we get an intern with drive and the ability to provide a fresh perspective, it’s exciting,” he concludes.

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