Professor, ph.d. Lars Boje Mortensen
Born 1958, currently Professor of Ancient an Medieval Cultural History, Dept. of History, University of Southern Denmark (Odense); head of the Centre for Medieval Literature (Odense and York, sdu.dk/cml).
After my training in classical and medieval Latin philology (Copenhagen) I published both within editorial philology and literary aspects of medieval and renaissance Latin texts. My PhD dealt with early medieval historiography in Italy; chronicles from Antiquity to the Renaissance, in their highly different historical contexts, have been a major field of research since then. I had the opportunity to pursue manuscript studies in major European libraries which brought a book-historical dimension to my work; this has in turn shaped my view of pre-print texts.
After my appointment as professor of medieval Latin at the University of Bergen (1992), I gradually moved into the field of saints’ lives and saints’ cults, thus opening my studies more towards sociology of religion and sociology of learning. I also became interested in the rich Old Norse literature and the dynamics holding between the Latin and vernacular in Europe in general. At Bergen, I formed part of a Norwegian Centre of Excellence in 2003 and a similar Nordic Centre in 2005 in which I began to explore, with various international research groups and on my own, new ways of writing literary history. In 2007 I moved to my current post in Odense (SDU) for teaching medieval history and ancient literature in translation and in Latin. I continued to be occupied with the interdisciplinary field of large scale literary history and its problematic relations to the fields of history and comparative literature; together with Elizabeth Tyler (York) I established the international group Interfaces. Through this collaboration and with my SDU byzantinist colleague Christian Høgel, the Centre for Medieval Literature (CML, Odense/York) emerged in 2012 thanks to a long-term grant from the Danish National Research Foundation. The ambition of CML is to contribute to a theoretical framework for integrating the study of the European Medieval Literatures. Part of my own work within CML is a study about meritocratic values in literature from Antiquity to the High Middle Ages.


Professor MSO, ph.d. Christian Høgel
 M.A. (Classical philology), University of Copenhagen, 1992, PhD University of Bergen, 1999. Teaching and developing IT-based courses in Renaissance Studies at the University of 
 Copenhagen and at the University of Southern Denmark, 2003-2005. Assistant professor in
 Classical philology, Institute of History and Civilization, University of Southern Denmark,  
 2005-2008. Associate professor in Classical philology, Institute of History and Civilization,
 University of Southern Denmark, 2008 to present.


Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen received his M.A. degree in history and art history from the University of Aarhus in 1981, his ph.d. in 1987 and the dr.phil. degree from the University of Southern Denmark in 2004. After graduation he served as co-editor of the popular archaeological magazine Sfinx and held a research fellowship before joining Aarhus University Press as its founding director in 1985. He was appointed external associate professor at the University of Bergen in 1993 and left publishing in 2000 to become a full-time associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark.
He has participated in several interdisciplinary research projects: the Danish Akamas project, the Danish Black Sea Centre, the History of Marine Animal Populations program and currently the ‘Where East meets West’ project (2012-2015) (www.sdu.dk/halys), of which he is director. He has published monographs, edited volumes, articles and conference papers as well as chapters in school textbooks, most recently Magt og mennesker (Gyldendal 2013). 


Lektor, ph.d. Marcel Lysgaard Lech
Mit navn er Marcel Lysgaard Lech. Jeg er PhD i klassisk græsk ved Københavns Universitet og har været lektor i Klassisk græsk og Oldtidkundskab siden 2012 på SDU. Mit forskningsfelt er græsk drama og teatrets historie.  Jeg vejleder gerne i de fleste emner inden for klassisk græsk litteratur, men er stærkest inden for tragedie, komedie, filosofi (Platon, Kynisme, epikuræisme), retorik og lyrik.Jeg oversætter flittigt fra græsk til dansk, og har deltaget i Gyldendals Samlede Platon med dialogerne Ion og Lovene (første bog). Desuden har jeg medoversat Aischylos’ Syv mod Theben og Sofokles’ Filoktet (under forberedelse). I øjeblikket arbejder jeg på en nyoversættelse af Euripides’ Medea.På BA-niveau underviser jeg normalt i fagene Epos, Athens litteratur og Kultur samt videnskabsteori 1 & 2.



 Lektor, D.phil. (OXON) Sanne Rishøj Christensen


Lektor, ph.d. Jesper Majbom Madsen
Kandidat i Historie, Syddansk Universitet 2000.
Ph.d. Aarhus Universitet 2006.
Ansættelser: Post doc ved Grundforskningscenteret i Sortehavsstudier ved Aarhus Universitet, 2006. Adjunkt i antikhistorie, Institut for Historie, Kultur og Samfundsbeskrivelse, Syddansk Universitet 2006-2010.
Lektor i antikhistorie, Institut for Historie, Syddansk Universitet 2011-.
Detaljeret CV.


Lektor, ph.d. Jane Hjarl Petersen
Jane Hjarl Petersen is a classical archaeologist (MA in Greek archaeology in 2003 from the University of Aarhus). From 2003 she was employed at the Danish Research Foundations Centre for Black Sea Studies at the University of Aarhus where she defended her PhD dissertation in 2007 (Cultural Interactions and Social Strategies on the Pontic Shores. Burial Customs in the Northern Black Sea Area ca. 550-270 BC). The dissertation was published as a monograph in the series Black Sea Studies in 2010 (http://da.unipress.dk/udgivelser/c/cultural-interactions-and-social-strategies-on-the-pontic-shores/). In 2010 she established a research network concerned with the study of materiality of identities and their negotiation across and beyond the Mediterranean region: AVADIN (http://artefact.saxo.ku.dk/) together with Kristina Winther-Jacobsen, SAXO institute, Copenhagen and John Lund, The Danish National Museum. In 2012 she received The Queen Margrethe II postdoctoral fellowship based at the Danish Academy in Rome. During her employment at SDU she is affiliated with the Danish Academy in Rome and is currently undertaking a research project on Death and Identity in Ostia - A study of funerary material and cultural diversity in the port city of Rome (http://www.acdan.it/projekter/petersen_ostia.html).
Jane has a keen interest in field work and has participated in excavations and field projects in Italy, Cyprus and the Black Sea region. Her main areas of research include Burial archaeology, The interaction between culturally diverse populations, Identity and gender studies, Terracotta and coroplastics studies, Hellenistic and late Hellenistic ceramics, reception and consumption.


Ekstern lektor, ph.d. Lærke Andersen
Jeg blev cand.mag. i klassisk filologi fra SDU i 2009, hvor jeg skrev speciale om Sapphos alderdomsdigt, fragment 58 V. Siden underviste jeg som undervisningsassistent, også på Klassiske studier på SDU. I 2010 blev jeg ansat som ph.d.stipendiat. Mit projekt handler om visdomsudtryk – ordsprog og sentenser – i Eustathios’ kommentarer til Iliaden og Odysseen fra 1100-tallet. Fra september 2014 er jeg ansat som ekstern lektor i propædeutisk græsk på Klassiske studier.