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Seminar in Mathematics-Economics

The seminar is a 5 or 10 ECTS elective course giving you an opportunity to design and provide analytical work on a scientific problem. The problem can be in the form of a theoretical question or an empirical problem. A seminar on a theoretical issue may be in the form of a literature review or a theoretical investigation An empirical question can involve data collection with empirical investigation.  The form of examination is a report in which you present your analysis and results in a manner meeting academic standards.

You sign up for the seminar via the self-service system like you do for other courses. The seminar is most often written in the third semester, but can also be written in the second or fourth semester. You may work on the seminar individually or with a fellow student.     

Find information on formalities for written assignments under "Exam".

Spring 2019

Seminar in Economics or Mathematics-Economics (5 ECTS)
Seminar in Economics or Mathematics-Economics (10 ECTS)

Autumn 2018

Seminar in Economics or Mathematics-Economics (5 ECTS)
Seminar in Economics or Mathematics-Economics (10 ECTS)

Link to digital form used to register for a supervisor (deadline 15 August/15 January) and approval of supervisor agreement (deadline 15 September/15 February).

1. How do I register for the course
Registration is done via the Student Self Service as for other courses.
2. What are suitable topics

The seminar topic must origin from one or more areas of business economics presented in the compulsory courses. The selected areas of must be further elaborated by the inclusion of related and supplementary scientific literature compared to the syllabus for these compulsory courses. This means that the seminar involves locating and analysing scientific literature that goes beyond what you have read in text books and journal articles during the compulsory courses.


Choose a topic from one or more of the compulsory courses. However, focus on topics that cover areas of a suitable complexity to allow you to demonstrate that you understand and can analyze problems related to the areas. You may find ideas for topics by studying the literature from the courses you have attended.

3. What about supervision

The university provides supervision for the seminar process. To get a supervisor, you need to fill in a digital form (See link above) as soon as possible after registering for the course and by the deadline at the latest. 

On the form, you must give a preliminary study/project description  including concrete and specific ideas about the focus of the seminar, suggested methods to be used and relevant literature. You must also explicitly outline the compulsory courses and the topics covered by these courses that are going to be used in the seminar. Based on the information that you give, the head of the relevant research group will allocate a supervisor for your project.

If you write in a group of two, you need to fill in the form as a group. The person who fills in the form is the one who can edit the form later.

4. Examination Condition
Once you have a supervisor, you will decide the details of the academic approach in collaboration with the supervisor. You need to add these to the digital form which must be approved by the deadline. If the agreement is not approved by the deadline, you may not participate in the ordinary exam and an examination attempt has been used. Please be aware that approval of the supervisory agreement is only possible prior to the ordinary exam. Participation in the re-examination thus requires that the exam requirement is met prior to the ordinary exam.
5. Other issues

Read about learning goals and formal requirements for the report in the course description which you find along with the other course descriptions.

Read about formalities for written assignments under the menu item Exams.

6. Deadlines
  1. To have a meeting with the profile responsible and fill in the form for requesting a supervisor with the necessary information  in order to have your supervisor agreement approved before the deadline: 
    • 15 August (autumn)
    • 15 January (spring)
  2. To get the supervisor agreement approved before the deadline.
    • 1 September (autumn)
    •  1 February (spring)
  3.  Deadline for submission of the report   
    • Find the deadline in the course description and the plan of examinations


If you are in the situation where you need 2,5 ECTS and thereby need to write a Seminar on 2,5 ECTS please contact to apply for approval and a special form.