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Innovation and New Product Development

A seminar within innovation and new product development focuses on how firms may deal with innovation and new product development as part of their strategy and aim to create competitive advantage. Below are typical topics to investigate.

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Open innovation, co-creation and lead-users

Which stakeholders are relevant to involve in a firm’s innovation process/new product development? What are the benefits and downsides of involving these stakeholders? How can we acquire and use relevant knowledge from the different stakeholders?


Customer needs and (user) innovation

How can firms fulfil customer needs through new product development or through changes to an existing product? How do firms foster creativity and develop ideas and concepts during the innovation process?


Product development and the marketing mix

How can new product development be used to support a firm’s marketing and overall strategies? What should we learn from adaptation curves, segmentation, targeting and/or positioning?


Disruptive innovation

Researchers, firms, and the media talk and write a lot about the topic of disruptive innovation.  What exactly is ‘disruptive innovation’?  Which firms (and which types of firms) have introduced disruptive innovation? How can firms ’think’ disruptively?



Firms face increasing demands to focus on the environment, re-use resources, and operate in a sustainable manner. How can they organize to take advantage of eco-innovation opportunities?  How should firms market eco-friendly products? Since eco-innovation projects often happen in collaboration with multiple firms and partners, how should firms involve partners? What are some strategies for relationship-building and collaboration?

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