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B2C marketing og kommunikation

B2C marketing


Questions about the topics within the subject area of B2C Marketing and Communication should be directed to: Domen Bajde, Department of Marketing and Management, e-mail:


Animals in Marketing and Consumer Culture (can only be written in  English)

Animals are part of our everyday life and many consumption categories – as pets, food, fashion, brand mascots, comic heroes, etc. When consumers’ attitudes towards animals change, marketers have to respond. Recent examples and possible topics include the cosmetic industry (cruelty free-; organic-; natural- cosmetics), fashion (wearing fur becomes less a fashion statement than an attitude); or the food and health sectors (free range meat; animal testing); what consequences does this development has for the industry or consumer behavior?

The assignment can focus on marketing strategy, branding, or consumer behavior with regard to one firm, an industry or market segment – or be theoretical.


Consumption of high-technology products (can be written in Danish or English)

Technologically advanced products, such as robots and drones, are increasingly being marketed to consumers. What draws (or repels) consumer to such products? How can the marketing of such product better reflect the consumers’ desires and fears? The assignment can focus on a particular consumer group (e.g., the elderly, technology enthusiasts) or explore the role of these products in broader consumer culture. It can be focused on a particular product category products (e.g., drones) or a specific technological brand/company.


Consumption, marketing and morality (can be written in Danish or English)

This topic invites theoretical or empirical investigation (consumer research, analysis of marketing campaigns) of the role of morality in modern-day consumption and marketing. Student can choose to study a particular brand or movement driven by moral concerns and aspirations, or they can investigate a chosen morality-related topic (e.g., humanitarianism, fair trade, animal welfare, sustainability) in the context of a particular consumer segment or in modern consumer culture at large.


Changes in food consumption (can be written in Danish or English)

Food consumption has always been shaped by social trends, cross-cultural influences, technology, class distinction, and moral norms. Industries from agriculture to retailers to FMCG producers to restaurants have to adapt to such developments to keep their customer base. Current themes include: the rise of veganism; special diet such as paleo food; or local/craft/’new nordic’ food. Ethical considerations also play an increasing role in these cases. How is consumer food culture changing? What role does/should marketing play?

The assignment can focus on marketing strategy, branding, or consumer behavior with regard to one firm, an industry or market segment – or be theoretical.


Marketing and consumer behavior in the digital age (can be written in Danish or English)

Over the last decades Internet penetration and use have brought significant changes in consumer behavior and corporate business opportunities. A bachelor project with this topic could analyze and explain consumers' purchase and consumption behavior on the Internet and discuss the challenges and opportunities this offers companies operating in the B2C market.


Market Communication


Reklameudformning (can be written in Danish or English)

Hvordan udformes reklame så den fungerer mest hensigtsmæssigt i forhold til målgruppe, brandingstrategi, promotion etc. Kan f.eks. udføres som kvalitativ receptionsanalyse eller (web) survey.


Medieplanlægning (can be written in Danish or English)

Hvordan udformes en kampagne mest effektivt i forhold til tilgængelige ressourcer? Kan f.eks. diskutere forskellige måder at bruge TV/Radio/Facebook på – både hvert for sig og kombineret i forhold til en konkret case.


Markedskommunikation som dialog i sociale medier (can be written in Danish or English)

Hvordan integreres ’dialog’ i sociale medier i konkrete kampagner, hvordan tænkes den som ’strategisk kommunikation’ af afsender og hvordan opleves kommunikationen af modtageren /medskaberen/forbrugeren?

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