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Organisationsstruktur og strategi

Strategic Management and Organization Design


Questions about the topics within the subject area of Strategic Management and organization design should be directed to: Oliver Baumann, Department of Marketing and Management, e-mail: 

Strategy Analysis (can be written in Danish or English)
To gain and sustain a competitive advantage, firms need a clear understanding of their external environment (industry structure) as well as their internal situation (resources and capabilities). Students choosing this topic will focus on a specific firm, preferably one to which they have access. They will conduct (a) an industry analysis and (b) an analysis of the firm’s resources and capabilities. The goal is to assess the firm’s strategic situation and derive recommendations for action.

Organizing for Innovation (can be written in Danish or English)
Innovation is a major source of renewal for many firms. To be effective, however, innovation efforts need to be organized properly. Recent years have seen two major organizational trends: (a) firms increasingly rely on external partners (e.g., customers, suppliers, or competitors); and (b) firms often seek to stimulate new ideas and initiatives from all parts of the organization, including regular employees. Students should identify a specific organizational challenge that relates to these trends (for example, how to motivate employees to innovate, or how to organize knowledge sharing with competitors), analyze this challenge, and develop solutions for addressing it.

Novel organizational forms (can be written in Danish or English)
Firms are constantly experimenting with novel organizational forms – networked organizations, open innovation, project-based organizations, corporate incubators and accelerators, virtual organizations, and many more. But what makes such forms of organizing “novel”? In which ways do they differ from existing forms of organizing? Students should identify the key characteristics and challenges of a specific novel organizational form, and analyze how to address these challenges effectively.

Strategic Human Resource Management (can be written in Danish or English)
A key challenge for human resource management is to support the long term mission of the firm: the firm’s business strategy. Students should address why and how the firm should align its business strategy and approach to human resource management.
Human Resource Management in a Growing Firm (can be written in Danish or English)
Fast growing firms often face challenges in terms of managing the inflow of new employees. They may, for example, experience productivity problems or difficulties in motivating newcomers. Students should identify important managerial and organizational challenges, analyze these, and develop solutions for the challenges.

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